Joseph Bateh (Ultimate Software)

With William B., Gabriella G., Janina A.

Create a cross platform application that allows users to create a list of people they want to keep in touch with. The app will notify them... (more)

Paul Nabende (MasterCard Labs)

With Sam P., Riya J.

Build a contact tracing app using GPS for Android. Optionally, think of it as a proximity sensing application. If two apps are within meters... (more)

Omar Shehata (Cesium)

With Mehrab H., Shania D., Yen L.

Create a web app to visualize LiDAR data from self driving cars.

LiDAR is a way of obtaining an accurate 3D representation of a scene,...

Scott Matloff (Microsoft)

With Matthew P., Maximo H.

Personal Actions and Habits Telemetry Service (PATHS)

The team will build a system capable of tracking various actions and habits in their...

Tyler Menezes (CodeDay)

With Karina M., Angelica S.

Design a circuit board for an electronic conference badge which can communicate with other electronic conference badges wirelessly (with... (more)

Anupam Dewan (SAP)

With Priyanka M., Lalla S., Samantha F.

isCovid(): Creating a web-application, that takes a chest XRay image, and uses Deep Learning to try to predict if the person has some... (more)

Aditi Kabra (Microsoft)

With Edward H., Char Wae (Erica) C., Jovan P.

When trying to familiarize yourself with a new technical subject the best way is often to read seminal papers.
The question is how to...

Adam Ryman (Value Creation Machine LLC)

With Sherry W., Marianne T., Yasiris O.

Create a weighted lottery based event registration system.

Audience: Reoccurring events with limited capacity. Where you want everyone to,...

Sneha Singh (Sony Interactive Entertainment)

With Abhishek Meenakshisundaram B., Allison G., Enna S.

Use TensorFlow to analyze resumes. Given plain text extracted by OCR, guess as much personal info about the person as you can (e.g. major,... (more)

Tyler Menezes (CodeDay)

With Jinxiu L., marcello s., Tommy K.

Build out an MVP of an open-source system for organizing live events, like hackathons, concerts, conventions, and arts shows. The features... (more)

Shashank Sabniveesu (Broadridge)

With Sruthi R., Andrew L.

A web application to track financial portfolio growth. Uses free and open APIs to fetch real-time market data to store in an online... (more)

Michael Lorton (Outschool)

With Dylan F., Zage S., Emily Y.

An open-source equivalent to Zoom (actually easier than it sounds).

Alan Sproat (RealPage)

With Jackson H., Erick E.

Where are we going to eat?

App to find (using google maps api) local restaurants, put them in a list, then randomly select one. If time...

Michael Lorton (Outschool)

With Kimberly Z., Tal B., Ben T.

An open-source equivalent to Calendly or YCBM

James Gan (PayPal)

With Anh N., Andrew C., Oscar V.

Create a deflationary TZIP-12 token on Tezos (Blockchain cryptocurrency).

For context, the first deflationary token has a market cap of...

Thein Oo (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center)

With Amina M., Sophia G., Shahrzad L.

Data Visualization and time series analysis on COVID-19

Goal: How to work with a real world data and how to extract the valuable informati...

Peyt Spencer Dewar (Microsoft)

With Linh N., Ethan K., Mohamad S.

Lyrist is a free mobile app that enables users to listen to audio while they write text. Used by songwriters and students, Lyrist is one of... (more)

Shubham Naik (Ancestry)

With Rafaela P., Imani G., Yafim V.

When building large applications it becomes hard for non-engineers to edit static content on websites. They either would have to ask an... (more)

Meredith Lampe (Facebook)

With Nia D., Paripinya S., Raj P.

Full stack web app (HTML/CSS/React/MySQL) focusing on encouraging civic involvement in local communities. Together we’ll map out the... (more)

Keith Callenberg (UPMC Enterprises)

With SONALI S., Thanh L., Nzinga E.

We will build supervised learning-based models to classify and analyze images that are the output of object detection models. We will... (more)

Stephen Cerruti (e3 Civic High)

With Joseph S., Dream D., Xoshil C.

Schools around the world reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic in different ways. Those schools in position to take advantage of remote learning... (more)

Braun Shedd (Heracles)

With Peter A., Thomas N., Kinjal M.

Help build the next generation of command line weather apps! We will create our own Python version of the famous “wttr.in” weather service,... (more)

Eric Hui (Nordstrom)

With Yanilda P., Alyona K., Charles S.

Building a data integration with a public API. (from https://github.com/public-apis/public-apis)

Specifically, we can populate a search...

Pete Bekos (NDA)

With Islam Y., Daniel C., Klanti I.

A Goal-setting app where you have your friends check in on your progress and keep you accountable. Goal setters would post their updates... (more)

Nikhil Mungel (Splunk)

With Ruchik C.

My project idea is around building a Slack App that will have a stateful server side backend. This will give the students the opportunity to... (more)

Michael Lorton (Outschool)

With Evan H.

GraphQL and Typescript are both strongly statically typed, but current frameworks to share typing information between Typescript programs... (more)

James Tharpe (T-Mobile)

With Luca A.

Whenner: A to-do list application with a twist! Rather than show your task list as a list, Whenner will automatically schedule your task... (more)

Ankit Gupta and Kat Ngov (Transparent Systems)

With Rohan T., Cynthia C., Eric N.

#rust #crates.io #rustlang #OSS #cloud #docker #kubernetes #k8s

Crates.io is the default, public package registry used by rust developers...

Carlos Cordova (omegaUp)

With Nicole S.

omegaUp is an open source coding platform used by thousands of students in Latin America. We have recently launched open programming courses... (more)

Zac Littleberry (Gaze LLC)

With Janice H., Vita H., Alain N.

Add support for "Housing Wanted" and "Housing Available" content in the open source housing platform, HousingDB (https://housingdb.org).... (more)

Phil Fishbein (VTS)

With Erica N., Stephanie C.

Personal Website Generator.
Create an interface by which a user can quickly specify, deploy and maintain a website with the followi...

Benjamin Lin (Netflix)

With Michelle L., Samika K.

The project will be a full stack application with a front end, back end, and database and will be deployed on the cloud. I am thinking about... (more)

Shakeel Mohamed (Splunk)

With Jasmine N., Mekedes D.

Create a web app that allows a user to create a top 10 playlist on Spotify. The app listen will register the user in the web app's backend... (more)

Jason Panzer (Nordstrom)

With Clark N., Victoria M., Melanie L.

Every November, thousands of people across the country and around the world participate in a writing project called NaNoWriMo (National... (more)

Adele Miller (Security Innovation)

With Luiza C., Inbar L.

Burp Suite is used by a huge percentage of security professionals, especially penetration testers. It is often used as an HTTP...

Aaron Marasco (Business Insider)

With Catherine N., Christopher F., Fnu M.

Incorporating the real-time collaboration of Google Docs to use in a web CMS, essentially integrating with WordPress or alternativel... (more)

Aayush Saxena (Sonos)

With Lennox A., Roger W., Mark P.

We'll develop a mobile-first web app, Crony, which will help you find a friend you can plan an activity with. By integrating with Strava's... (more)

Seth Itow (Tesla)

With Anirudh A., Shadner J.

PineTime is open hardware smart watch with several open source firmware implementations. The goal is to get it to feature parity with... (more)

Marcelo Guerra Hahn

With Aidan E., Hanna H.

Help create a website to LeetCode with instantaneous help, Web Dev and AI. Limit the scope to the offering suggestions to complete the... (more)

Jeremy Wells (State of Tennessee - Strategic Technology Solutions)

With Judy Z., Imtiaz R.

A web application with organized data structures that can can be practical to a user such as a music playlist organizer, a to-do list, or... (more)

Steven Zhang (Microsoft)

With Lindsey P., Natnael B., Humayara K.

Build a service like pastebin, where people can store blurbs of text/files and share it to others. Key features are
* Scalable and highly...

Meena Bhujang (T-Mobile)

With Jak A., Sarah L.

A dashboard-like utility that integrates with data-endpoints to display a view for users.

Chris Gervang (Uber Elevate)

With Raymond W., Elisa M., Kent Z.

Join the hubble.gl open source team to work on a feature or application of the library, ranging from computer graphics to react components... (more)

Matthew Ludewig (LexisNexis Risk Solutions)

With Sam B., Khushi W., An N.

This is an analytics based project. We need help creating a python based executable code that can compare 2 datasets with various data type... (more)

Nicholas Tong (Amsys Innovative Solutions)

With Crystal Z., Brice H.

Phishing is becoming an increasingly major disturbance in the Cyber Security Workforce. We will be exploring ways to help secure companies... (more)

Yang Wei (QM Simulations)

With Mehraj A., Hana Gabrielle B., Shakeel K.

In recent years, the average price-tag for getting a new drug to market has risen to billion dollars, with long delivery cycle. Opportunity... (more)

Grace Wu (Capital One)

With Anusha B., Laila C., Kate L.

Make an open ended full-stack project that focuses on the prompt: "As a student, my life would be easier if I had..." The students will... (more)

Morgan Sorbaro (Facebook)

With Shulammite L., Makhmud I., Chinonso o.

Starting to work out and go to the gym is hard. However, let's try to make it fun! Let's build an app in React where users can log their... (more)

Prithvi Shetty (SAP)

With Tracy W., Divya S., Selena G.

Building a NLP Text classification model and tuning for best accuracy

Emmett Chen-Ran (Salesforce)

With James M., Stella C., Anna W.

A Chrome extension that allows for friends to watch and comment on videos remotely together. This could be asynchronous, in letting Alice... (more)

Tim Van Cleave (SPS Commerce)

With Amy G., Smilte V., Zarrin A.

As a photographer one of the most important things you can do is share your work to build a reputation for yourself, but often it's not as... (more)

Liza Knipscher (Barrow Neurological Institute)

With Anoushka G., Daniel P.

Use Unity, free 3D modeling software (e.g. Blender, ZBrushCoreMini), and free or open source 3D models to create an educational desktop app... (more)

Tim Van Cleave (SPS Commerce)

With Christine L., Tiffeny C., Darby C.

Building a website is fun, but keeping that content up-to-date after the build can be really challenging and tough to organize. This gets... (more)

Dustin Lindquist (Slack)

With Justin T., Michael M., Chau D., Cody E.

Build a simple solution to compete with a small part of mint, using available apis from something like plaid.io.
The backend could be a...

Beekey Cheung (Geneoscopy)

With Duc P., Yiheng C.

I would have the team show a a master of either making a webapp in React or launching an API (or a full stack application if they are... (more)

Pranay Gupta (Axon)

With Shriya N., Emily Y., Corey R.

A supply chain application where you can centralize package tracking (using APIs) for incoming goods, monitor their status of whether or not... (more)

Jessi Thompson (Microsoft)

With Kiara M., Sadhika A., Coral R.

This project will be a web app to help elderly members of the community get tasks/errands/chores completed that they cannot do themselves,... (more)

Nicholas Lind (Deloitte Consulting)

With Megan J., Rahul C., Riteka M.

Build a distributed machine learning pipeline in Pandas and Dask using gigabytes of retail data from a large retail company. Team will learn... (more)

Quinten Geddes (Independent contractor at NextEra Analytics)

With Joseph N., Nicholas C., Daniel K.

Web scraping project. Build application that runs daily to retrieve publicly available data from a web resource and aggregate it into a... (more)

Yang Xu (LexisNexis Risk Solution)

With Md Rakil A., Saitheeraj T., Gandhar V.

We will design a system to fetch data from REST api and store data in a database. The system is comprehensive with various functionalities... (more)

Courtney Shearer (Zymergen)

With Gabriela M., Ashley G.

This is a full stack web application that helps users keep track of content they are reading, both from different news sources, audiobooks,... (more)

Chris Meyer (Cirium)

With Marcelo M., Panchita L., Ahmed M.

Create a Web Application that will, when given a certain monetary value and a currency type, will return the value of the monetary value... (more)

Ed Bukoski (Netflix)

With Allen L., Jessica D., Emily H., Nguyen P., Andrea A., Kimberly Y.

Ambien-flix -- create movie and TV show recommendations based on signals from your ambient environment. Imagine visiting Netflix and seeing... (more)

Eric Hao

With Kevin C., Sherry L.

A Web app Sudoku game!

The idea is to randomly generate sudoku puzzles. We will need to think about how to generate sudoku boards whi...

Wilson Hobbs (CareerEco)

With Aditi B., Jake T., Shah E.

Build an open-source library of larger-scale web app components that are well-designed and theme-able. A project like this would help web... (more)

Apaar Sinha (LexisNexis Risk Solutions)

With Jessica C., Joanna F., Amna S.

Create a ML application that takes in an image of a dog or a cat as an input from the user and outputs the breed of the dog/cat. The project... (more)

Anthony Toreson (Makerbot Industries LLC (3d printers))

With Kelly D., Alishaa K., Tucker S.

A complete online e-commerce site for services (I am thinking something like dog walking or language lessons). We would need user account... (more)

Niharika Sharma (Nasdaq)

With Eshani C., Shreya S.

We will develop a project using applied Natural Language Processing, covering:
Language modeling + Embeddings
Text classification

Gurjot Kaur Bandasha (Dataseers)

With Mustafa Y., Kavin M.

You order a pizza, get an Uber, send money to a friend Do you guys ever wonder how these transactions are following into the system? With... (more)

Eric Hui (Nordstrom)

With Ricardo R., Xiangmin M., Phil K.

Building a data integration with a public API. (from https://github.com/public-apis/public-apis)

Specifically, we can build a discord bot...

Rama Dasu Puli (SAP Labs)

With Thais D., Adel A.

Website to manage bookings for dog walkers and/or sitters. Similar to e-commerce, but the product is a service rather than a physical good,... (more)

Sam Belcastro (Microsoft)

With Donna P., Raul C., Anirudh B., Shreshth K.

Archives headlines from Fox News & CNN every 15 minutes using cloud tools.

Tyler Greenfield (Insider, Inc.)

With Golbon (Rose) M., Chad D., Caroline H.

A Vue.js (any framework is possible but I have the most familiarity with Vue) project that would mimic the functionality of a hardware... (more)


Caitlin Stanton (Lyft Level 5)

With Sarah Y., Sandy T., Lilia Q.

Using React or iOS and Firebase to launch an app with a user login system (Mac users could pursue either, and PC users can only do React... (more)

Christopher Ballenger (State Farm (Summer Internship))

With Saketh Madhu P., Diana Q., Sanya K.

Restaurant Website with Angular and Bootstrap

Varun Mangalick (Jane Street Capital)

With Anjelica S., Victor K., Nikhil P., Sanjana D.

Website content watcher
Have you ever refreshed a page several times a day to check for updates (for example, checking a for-sale page for a...

Caitlin Stanton (Lyft Level 5)

With Khushi K., Jing P., Abigail R.

Using an Arduino or Raspberry Pi to build an autonomous robot that can move around without knocking into objects (requires an IR/distance... (more)

William Kent (Sunburst Solutions)

With Subin K., Octaveny W.

Create a spreadsheet program for Windows 10 using C#, Windows Forms, and .NET 5.

Alexander Parra (Let's Code, Inc.)

With Shreya K., Lavanya S., Cirill Florenz D.

Create a multiplayer web party game. We will create a simple frontend and backend for the game using Node.js and the Google Cloud Platform.

Alexander Parra (Let's Code, Inc.)

With Jacqueline Y., Bailey H., Carmen W.

Create Instagram filters using Facebook's SparkAR. We will go through the entire development and release cycle for a product.

Madeleine Willett (Ellington High School)

With Nicole Z., Ayesha M., Hela K.

A web application that can search for resources concerning Oceanic Pollution and Recycling, and Social Justice.

Jacob Cuomo (Google Fiber)

With Betzabeth N., Miranda L., Elika G.

Project Name: TMIX
Project Description: Combine popular livestreaming platforms into one streamlined experience. You can use any language or...

Jacob Cuomo (Google Fiber)

With Rachel X., Avneet K., Zoe C.

Creativity will be needed for this project! Using an engine of your choice, you will create a mobile game that can be addictive. You will... (more)

Ryan Wang (Berkeley)

With Abdulqadir I., Denil S., Pranav M.

Build a front-end using the Flutter development platform.

Charlie Liu (Yale University)

With Marilyn Y., Joshua W., Tanisha K.

Ever heard of a "falling sand" game? (if not, check this out: https://sandspiel.club) Not only is this a really fun project to work on, but... (more)

Mingjie Jiang (University of California, Berkeley)

With Anthony A., Akshat S., Anna C.

A web party game (of any kind), that people are able to play LIVE with each other over a Zoom call.

Polo Delos Santos (Cal Poly Pomona)

With Cindy S., Swathi N., Liam A.

For many clubs and organizations, attendance and member tracking is very necessary. Sometimes these organizations need to ensure members are... (more)

Brian Xiang

With Snigdha R., Jacob L., Arianne Ghislaine R.

A live web chat platform built on top of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript -- powered by Node.js and Socket.io. We'll be playing around with mor... (more)

Paul Boldyrev (Santa Clara University)

With johart a.

A tic-tac-toe game using React. By the end of the internship, you will create a fully working offline version of the game complete with a... (more)

Spencer Grossarth (SMUD)

With Smriti S., Yiqing J., Alexis W.

iOS 5 minute daily planner app: This project's goal is to take a basic planning app and take it to the next level. The challenge comes in... (more)

Lola Egherman (CodeDay)

With Elizabeth Q., Suhani P., Kavya S.

Using python, create a Telegram bot to interact with GitHub in various ways. Users will be able to:
- Authenticate with GitHub
- Sear...

Lola Egherman (CodeDay)

With Lynn O., Manasi G.

Using python and the CTFd API, create a discord bot that will monitor CodeCup as it is running, and provide updates and automated management... (more)

Megan Cui (Harvard University)

With Mica F.

Build a system that inserts emojis into a block of text based on the tone and context.

Megan Cui (Harvard University)

With Lucas W., Xi Yao (Esther) L., Saniya H.

Design generator for social media content/posts

Bradley Harker (Self Employed)

With Clare L., camille A., Jamie P.

Goal:Design a Tinder-like app for choosing hotels. Utilizes a random adjective-noun name generation for hotel naming and the Unsplash image... (more)

Jose Rodriguez (Worked for Mastecard)

With Shermeen K., Lily L., Michelle Z.

The project will be a COVID tracking project. Apply microservice architecture to build a scalable backend application consisting of one or... (more)

Mingjie Jiang (University of California, Berkeley)

With Sonnet X., Melody L., Pranav S.

A simulated robot in the browser that's capable of being controlled from a HUD UI. If time allows, move the HUD UI to a remote webpage and... (more)

Charlie Liu (Yale University)

With Anusha P., Lina C., Kirsten G.

Ever watched one of those YouTube statistics videos with the scrolling bar graphs? (If not, check this out: https://youtu.be/K1Fa46uRTWg)... (more)

Eric Sun (Microsoft)

With Palvisha S., Vivian W., Cynthia O.

Create a Daily selfie app that uses computer vision to provide health insights (stress, sleep, diet, etc)

Rahul Gupta (N/A)

With Ewemiz I., Vatsal M.

What technologies will you use:
Expo and React Native to create the app. Figma/Sketch to design the UI. Microsoft Azure to train and ru...

Evan Hao

With Shreya K., Greg C., Amanda H.

Create a website to play chess (depending on how difficult this is, either make it so that other people can connect with you and play, or... (more)

Saharsh Yeruva (CodeDay)

With May F., James K., Jonathan A.

A chrome extension that looks at all the images on a webpage. If there is an image that does not have an alt tag, use ml to generate one so... (more)

Saharsh Yeruva (CodeDay)

With Genevieve C., Spencer C., Grace W.

A website where you put in a location where you would like to go and when you would like to go there. The website would then take weather... (more)

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