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July 30, 2020 @ 2:00pm

Game Engine Architecture

Bill Clark

When building a game, an individual or team has a lot of choices about what technology to build it on. Whether starting with an off-the-shelf engine (Unreal, Unity, Godot, etc.) or building from scratch, the technology choices will deeply impact the process and outcome of development.

In this talk, Bill Clark will present a variety of concepts about how game engines work, based on his experience with a variety of AAA engines, as well as building an engine from scratch. This provides an overview to serve as a jumping off point for further learning, rather than presenting any particular aspect in detail. Discussion will include:
* Challenges, like framerate, multiplayer, content creation
* Systems, like animation, rendering, scripting
* Modern design patterns, like entity-component-system

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About the Speaker

Bill "LtRandolph" Clark is an indie game developer in Seattle. He started his career at 343 Industries, working as a graphics engineer on Halo 4. He then moved to Valve for a short stint on Dota 2, before heading south to join Riot Games. There he worked on League of Legends for five and a half years. At Riot, Bill wore a variety of hats, working on engineering, design, and people management across game and tools teams. He's particularly proud of being the engineering manager for the Champions Team, mentoring an amazing team of engineers, and helping ship 27 new and updated champions.

Starting at the end of 2019, Bill began working on a solo video game project, Kinematic. Kinematic is a genre mashup of Metroidvania, factory building, and physics puzzle elements that's expected to release in mid-2021.

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