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July 09, 2020 @ 4:00pm

Building a New Decentralized Internet With the Nodes

Nick Titus

The internet is broken. It's vulnerable to manipulation, censorship, shutdowns, surveillance, and on top of all that, it costs to access it. What if we could bypass all that? The PirateBox platform with its meshing capability creates this possibility, but somehow has gained little traction. If every WiFi enabled device just became a node on a mesh network, we would have a replacement for the hardware layer of the internet. To show how powerful this platform can be, and take it to the next level, we have created the PegLeg, an implanted cybernetic enhancement that turns the user into an anonymized local area network on which people can chat and share files anonymously, as well as mesh with other nearby networks. The PegLeg differs from a wearable, as it cannot be confiscated, and has no battery. Come learn how you can turn your phone, laptop, raspberry pi, or router into a meshing piratebox, and build a new internet. And if you are really committed, you can build the implant yourself, and be a walking pirate server with a PegLeg.

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