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July 16, 2020 @ 4:00pm

Attacks Against Top Consumer Products

Erin Jacobs, Zack Fasel

This is not just another "I found a problem in a single IOT device" talk. Focusing on attacking three major consumer product lines that have grown rapidly in the past years, Zack and Erin will review flaws they’ve discovered and weaponized against home Windows installs, DIY security solutions, personal fitness tracking devices, and digital notification devices. We’ll review the security of these popular products and services in a ‘consumer reports’ style walkthrough, the attack methods against the 21 devices reviewed, release some tools for the lulz, and highlight the threats facing similar products. It's time to Fight for the Users. END OF LINE.

About the Speakers

Zack Fasel and Erin Jacobs are Partners at Urbane Security, a solutions-focused vendor-neutral information security services firm focusing on providing innovative defense, sophisticated offense and refined compliance services.

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