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July 23, 2020 @ 1:30pm

An introduction to containerized software development

Michael Kalish

This talk will touch on the history of virtualized infrastructure and the corresponding evolution of "DevOps." We'll then go into a high level overview of how containers work, focusing on Docker. Finally, we'll discuss how containers can be integrated into the everyday work of a software engineer and their growing importance as a development tool for professional developers and open source contributors alike.

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About the Speaker

Michael Kalish is a software engineer who has written software professionally for the last eight years and managed teams writing applications for the last 4 years. He has worked in a large variety of industries with a broad swath of technologies and has recently worked within the field of education, building javascript based applications. Michael is passionate about open software and funnels that passion into his volunteer work with Code For DC, an organization that harnesses the power of the community to build civic-minded technology projects. In his free time, Michael is a lifelong cook and loves spending time with his wife and dog.

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