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July 09, 2020 @ 1:00pm

Colin Vandervort - Technical Audio Design for Games

Colin Vandervort

Colin designs sounds, audio systems, and tools for games and interactive media.

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About the Speaker

I'm Colin Vandervort, a freelance technical sound designer working on indie games.
Like a lot of indie game devs, I wear quite a few hats - but primarily, I design sounds and build audio systems and tools.
A few recent projects I've worked on include a visual effects engine that was used in promotion of Kerrin Connolly's most recent album: Almost, as well as an upcoming twin stick 'slasher' entitled Breakpoint.
I have an extensive background in music performance, and went to school for computer science and engineering at first, and sound design following this.
A few of my favorite games and influences include Hollow Knight, the Witcher trilogy, Overwatch and the Dark Souls trilogy.

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