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(Beginner-track attendees: we'll match you with a former intern from a tech company who has time to provide you with more support.)

Create or contribute to real-world, open-source projects.

Learn to ship real software that helps real people using the latest industry tools. (Ever wondered what “Kubernetes” is? Or how to set up a GraphQL backend in Typescript?)
It's like a real-world internship at a leading tech company, but 100% online.
Studio 721
Mentor: Stephen Cerruti, e3 Civic High
Phishing Campaign Security Platform
Mentor: Nicholas Tong, Amsys Innovative Solutions
Mentor: Shubham Naik, Ancestry
Classifying Toxic Comments with NLP
Mentor: Prithvi Shetty, SAP
Meeting Ground
Mentor: Michael Lorton, Outschool
Accountability Buddy
Mentor: Pete Bekos, NDA
Mentor: Rama Dasu Puli, SAP Labs
Mentor: Pranay Gupta, Axon
Mentor: Quinten Geddes, Independent contractor at NextEra Analytics
News Analyzer
Mentor: Sam Belcastro, Microsoft

Daily tech talks, career panels, and more.

What do recruiters look for when you meet them? How does Microsoft deploy machine learning modules? What does a day-in-the-life look like for a technical artist?
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Multiple tracks. What's your experience level?

Intermediate Track

More guided projects for college freshmen/sophomores/juniors with technical skills, but limited experience working independently.
This is the right track for you if you're a college students who has completed 101/102-level CS classes but not much more (and high school students with experience building projects at hackathons).
You'll be matched with a mentor from the technology industry, like at most traditional in-person internships, and will build a polished app/feature.
(No fee; not a paid internship.)

Advanced Track

For college juniors/seniors who have higher-level CS knowledge or others with significant experience building projects.
This is the right track for you if you're a college student with experience beyond the 101/102-level CS or Engineering classes, or a student who has built projects on your own time.
You'll be matched with a mentor from the technology industry, like at most traditional in-person internships, and will build a polished app/feature.
(No fee; not a paid internship.)

We've helped thousands of students get their start in technology since 2009.

As an international student in a programming major, you guys totally helped me to start my wonderful career path! In a three years degree, I had you guys as my first experience, Meta as my second, and Microsoft as my third, and this last one gave me a full time return offer.
Luiza Cartaxo, Labs Advanced-Track
I loved being able to work as a team and gain real world experience about coding but at the same time also having the opportunity to learn something new.
Kelly Dong, Labs Advanced-Track
Being a Venezuelan immigrant, Labs was the first time that I got true exposure to a community of tech people that I could rely on. Fast forward a couple of years and now I'm three and a half months away from graduating college and have a job as a SWE at the Microsoft HQ right after I graduate.
Daniel Lobaton, Labs Beginner-Track
I began my CodeDay Labs internship with no background in using React Native, but came out of this internship knowing the ins and outs of React Native thanks to my team and my mentor, Eric. I highly recommend CodeDay Labs as a chance to apply your knowledge to real-world applications
Vivian Wang, Labs Beginner-Track
I really enjoyed learning how to use new technology such as Angular, Node, Sequelize, and Joi. Working with my teammates and interacting with each other was one of my favorite parts of this internship. Just helping each other out, working, learning, and growing together as developers was really great. Also the mentor was very helpful.
Alain Nshimirimana, Labs Advanced-Track
My experience as a CodeDay Labs intern certainly exceeded my expectations. My favorite part about being an intern was getting to learn and work with Python Django. I found working with Django to be difficult yet also fun. At the beginning of the internship, because I only had experience with ReactJS, I thought I would only be working on the frontend component of the app which we built. However, I ended up only working with ReactJS (i.e. the frontend) for about a week before I became responsible for the backend. I'm really glad I got this exposure because I found that I enjoy working with backend-related stuff.
Amy Ghotra, Labs Advanced-Track

Past Student Projects

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LiDAR Data Visualization
Advanced Track

Mentor: Omar Shehata, Graphics engineer at Cesium
Create a web app to visualize LiDAR data from self driving cars.

LiDAR is a way of obtaining an accurate 3D representation of a scene, often used in self driving cars to detect their surroundings. Lyft recently released a large dataset of sensor readings from their self driving car work:

Most analysis done on data like this is done without visualizing all the data together, because it's in different formats/too large to efficiently visualize in real time. This project would involve taking this data, converting it to a standard format that Cesium's pipeline can ingest (likely using Python since it has many of the helper libraries you'll need), and then building an application to visualize it in 3D using Cesium's JavaScript library.

This would not only help people get more insight out of this particular dataset, but would provide a framework for anyone doing self driving car analysis to see their result and share their research. For inspiration you can see how people are analyzing this data in this Kaggle competition:

Advanced Track

Mentor: Ed Bukoski, Engineer at Netflix
Create movie and TV show recommendations based on signals from your ambient environment. Imagine visiting Netflix and seeing a recommendation row based on your local weather, current geographical location, local news, or the past hour of your personal Twitter feed!

We will divide up into two teams. One team will source data from weather services, Twitter API, news feeds, or any other source that has data from the local environment. The second team will use these as input to query movie data from and form a list of movie and TV show recommendations (bonus for links to streaming services where this content is hosted). We will figure out the final presentation format as we go, it could be a command line, REST (JSON) API, or a web site.

Animated Bar Chart Racer
Beginner Track

Mentor: Charlie Liu, Student at Yale University
Ever watched one of those YouTube statistics videos with the scrolling bar graphs? (If not, check this out: Using data visualization, sorting, and text parsing, you can create a “bar chart racer” that displays statistics in an exciting way! Not only is this a fun project to work on, but you can also use your finished product to perhaps launch your very own YouTube channel in the future :)

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