CodeLabs is the 100% online tech internship for everyone.

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Dream of working at a top tech company?

Join us! You'll match with an industry mentor and create a real-world project in four weeks. It's like a real-world internship at a leading tech company, but 100% online.

That means you'll get to learn the latest industry tools. (Ever wondered what “Kubernetes” is? Or how real companies set up a GraphQL backend?)

(We know so much is uncertain right now. Luckily, you won't need to worry about your summer plans by signing up for CodeLabs. This is the fourth year we've done this.)

Two tracks. What's your experience level?

Beginner Track

A guided experience which is best for people with some CS knowledge, but who don't have prior experience working on complex projects.

This is probably the right track for you if you're a high school student who's taken AP CS A, or a college student with 101-level experience.

You'll work with a seasoned member of CodeDay staff who will guide you through your first experience building something with real-world implications.

(Not a paid internship.)

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Advanced Track

This track is the most similar to a traditional in-person internship, for those students who have higher-level CS knowledge or significant experience building projects.

This is the right track for you if you're a college student with experience beyond the 101/102-level CS classes, or a student who has built projects on your own time.

You'll be matched with a mentor from the technology industry, like at most traditional in-person internships, and will build a polished app/feature.

(Not a paid internship.)

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A full calendar of events.

It's not all project work, you'll get to talk to leaders from the tech industry.


The best summer option for aspiring programmers.

Worried an online tech internship isn't for you? Don't be. More than 50,000 students have attended our programs, and we've been running this online internship since 2017.

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