Help students break into tech as a Labs mentor!

(1-4 hours a week for 3-12 weeks, flexible schedule)
Students who attend affordable local colleges rely on internships to gain real-world skills and build a resume, but most companies focus their internships on brand-name schools. These talented students need someone like you to give them the chance to show what they can do.
Mentors guide a team of 3 students as they build an real-world project in 3-7 weeks. You propose the project, and lead the students through design, implementation, test, completion, and presentation of the project.
Like a manager in a job, you'll be there for supervision & guidance. Our staff will help students with day-to-day debugging if they need it!
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Next Session

We run sessions year-round. You can apply now and mentor in a future session if these dates don't work.

Mentor application due:

June 12

Mentor training:

~June 13

Student bootcamp:

(No mentor commitment)
June 26 β€” July 1

Mentored program:

July 3 β€” August 18

What mentors think of CodeDay Labs:

β€œI had a great time working with our CodeDay Labs interns. They were able to help us with our project and write code that is now in production.”
Marcelo Guerra Hahn
Director of Engineering, SoundCommerce
CodeDay Labs Advanced-Track Mentor
β€œThe kids were just great: bright, enthusiastic, very serious about the work. I was a little worried that some of them might feel roped into the program somehow, but no, all of them treated it as an opportunity.”
Michael Lorton
Engineer, Outschool
CodeDay Labs Advanced-Track Mentor
β€œThe interns were wonderful, and it was great to see their project take shape! ”
Liza Knipscher
Medical App Developer, Barrow Neurological Institute
CodeDay Labs Advanced-Track Mentor
β€œMy favorite part of being a CodeLabs mentor was being able to help students find their confidence and use that to build amazing projects by pushing themselves to learn and grow!”
Charlie Liu
Student, Yale
CodeDay Labs Beginner-Track Mentor
β€œMy favorite part about being a CodeLabs mentor was witnessing the progress of the project itself, and being able to see an idea come to life -- I was especially excited when I saw the team's first prototype video!”
Brian Xing
Intern, RankIt Digital Marketing
CodeDay Labs Beginner-Track Mentor
β€œI greatly enjoyed meeting my mentees (especially as they were all womxn!) and being able to not only work with them technically but via soft skills (I.e. teamwork, brainstorming, confidence, presenting). ”
Caitlin Stanton
Masters Student, Cornell University
CodeDay Labs Beginner-Track Mentor
β€œThe best part was watching the teams grow so quickly. Between weeks 2-3 I'm not exaggerating when I say my jaw dropped by how much everyone was able to go from not being sure how to apply what they know to having a good grasp of modern software development practices. ”
Eric Hui
Engineer, Nordstrom
CodeDay Labs Advanced-Track Mentor
β€œI enjoyed sharing cool stuff about my field with students, and watching them take on challenging pieces of functionality and having a very "can do" mentality about it.”
Adele Miller
Security Engineer, Security Innovation
CodeDay Labs Advanced-Track Mentor
β€œIt was amazing learning about new students and their passion towards the field of Data Science. ”
Prithvi Shetty
Data Scientist, SAP Concur
CodeDay Labs Advanced-Track Mentor
β€œWorking with the students was easily the best part. They were all bright, curious, and full of energy. ”
Ed Bukoski
Senior Software Engineer, Netflix
CodeDay Labs Advanced-Track Mentor

Mentor Time Commitment

1-4hr/wk of mentorship over 3-7 weeks, with a flexible schedule:
  • 1-2 team meetings, per week:
    1-3 hours/week
  • Sharing performance feedback:
  • Three one-on-ones per student, total:
    Β½-hour Γ— 3 students Γ— 3 meetings = 4Β½ hours

About CodeDay

CodeDay Labs is a program of CodeDay, an non-profit known for its in-person, hackathon-style events for high school and college students, and CodeDay Labs, its online internship-style experience. Since 2009, more than 55,000 students have attended CodeDay's events.

How students benefit

Through this internship-style experience, you're giving students their first sustained hands-on experience working with an industry professional. Project management, team work, communications, modern technical skills, and standard industry practices.