Become a Mentor

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, many students in CS, EECS, CSE, and other tech majors are without opportunities to further their CS journeys this summer as they normally would. In response, CodeDay and MinT are offering a virtual internship experience lead by industry volunteers.

As a mentor, you will lead a group of 3 students, helping them build a project based on your experience and expertise, in 4 weeks. You propose the project, and lead the students through design, implementation, test, completion, and presentation of the project.

You will guide your student team through real world challenges faced by real engineers working on real projects.

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Application opens:

May 1

Mentor interviews:

May-June (rolling)

Mentor Training:

Late June (TBA)

Program dates:

July 6 to July 31

Mentor Time Commitment

Approximately 20 hours total, across 4 weeks, as follows:

  • Training, project scoping, and preparations:
    2 hours
  • 2 weekly, 1-hour meetings with student team:
    2 hours × 4 weeks = 8 hours
  • Weekly documentation of team progress:
    ½ hour × 4 weeks = 2 hours
  • 3 half-hour 1:1 advising sessions with each student:
    ½ hour × 3 students × 3 meetings = 5 hours
  • Final project presentation session and feedback:
    2 hours

About CodeDay and MinT

CodeLabs is a program of CodeDay, an non-profit known for its in-person, hackathon-style events for high school and college students. More than 50,000 students have attended CodeDays since 2011, a majority of which are underrepresented in the tech industry. This will be the fourth year CodeDay has run CodeLabs.

This year, CodeLabs is presented in partnership with MinT, a new education initiative created by Kevin Wang. Kevin previously founded Microsoft's TEALS program, which helps high schools launch CS courses in partnership with tech industry mentors, reaching over 20,000 students per year.

How students benefit

Tens of thousands of internships have been revoked as a result of COVID-19. The hardest hit are those students who don't attend a top CS university, who rely on internships to show their skills. Mentors have the chance to make a significant impact on these students careers.

Through this virtual internship experience, the student participants will have had their first sustained hands on experience of working with an industry professional. Students will learn from the industry volunteer: project management, team work, communications, modern technical skills, and standard industry practices.

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