Recruit new contributors to your OSS project!

Help students gain real-world experience while becoming contributors to your project.
Most college students have only learned how to follow a predefined set of instructions through classwork. There’s no sense of discovery, or the feeling of “I did this myself.”
CodeDay Labs provides students with independent experience contributing to real-world, large-scale software projects, so they can gain problem-solving skills and get the satisfaction of becoming a contributor to the world of Open Source Software.
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Next Session

Project cutoff:

June 12

Students assigned:

June 26

Students work on issues:

July 3August 18

How you'll contribute:

By providing CodeDay students with a few issues to work on in your project, you're ensuring that they get real-world experience working on projects that leave an impact. Here's how it will work:
  • Sign up above.
  • Create issues in your repository, and add "For CodeDay Labs" in the description. (Not sure where to start? Check out our issue guide.)
  • CodeDay will review issues and provide any questions or feedback.
  • CodeDay will match students, who will comment to claim the issue.
"good-first-issue" scoped issues will be solved within 2 months if opened from Fall-Spring. Larger issues will be reserved for the spring and summer.

About CodeDay

CodeDay Labs is a program of CodeDay, an non-profit known for its in-person, hackathon-style events for high school and college students, and CodeDay Labs, its online internship-style experience. Since 2009, more than 55,000 students have attended CodeDay's events.

How students benefit

Through this internship-style experience, you're giving students their first sustained hands-on experience working with an industry professional. Project management, team work, communications, modern technical skills, and standard industry practices.